Social Responsibility

In addition to maintaining our reputation as one of the leading accounting firms, we recognize the importance of any business contributing to the welfare of society and the environment.

PSB Boisjoli is steadfast in its commitment to giving back to the community and reducing its carbon footprint. Our daily contributions, changes and collective efforts are critical to making a universal and sustainable impact.

In addition to our Green initiatives, PSB Boisjoli encourages its team members to take a hands-on approach in corporate social responsibility by participating in philanthropic initiatives.  Our desire to partake in humanitarian causes led us to create a Philanthropy Committee whose efforts champion the firm’s philanthropic activities, while maintaining alignment with our corporate vision and core values.

Our Philanthropy Committee evaluates the various charitable organizations that are near and dear to our staff members by way of soliciting their recommendations.  Requests might include monetary donations, company matching donations and support for volunteer activities, such as donation drives or charity walks/runs, bake sales, contests, etc.

Our philanthropic initiatives are ongoing and unwavering. A true example of this is how PSB Boisjoli instituted an annual Community Day whereby all staff members and its partners volunteer for a full day at local non-profit organizations. Our collective efforts not only help those in need but this also promotes an engaged and community-minded workforce.

In addition, our firm generously donates to many charitable foundations throughout the year.  Some of these foundations deal with mental health organizations, causes for children, as well as various cancer foundations, just to name a few.

The firm’s resolve to continue to support and promote social responsibility is solid.  Our collective efforts and contributions are a step in the right direction in protecting our environment and caring for our community.

In light of the environmental concerns currently taking place around the world, PSB Boisjoli is very proud to do its share by having our green initiatives contribute to the overall impact and help create long-term positive results.

PSB Boisjoli has established a Green Committee to help us do just that. Our dedicated Green Committee’s objective is to ensure that our firm makes the necessary changes and initiates new programs to ensure that it reduces its carbon footprint.

Simple changes in our daily habits go a long way. Our collective commitment to eliminating plastic containers and fostering a paperless environment seem basic; however, the global impact is substantial.  Our composting and recycling initiatives have become part of our daily routine.


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