Commodity Taxes and Payroll Services

Businesses operating in Canada face a number of significant challenges. Tax obligations are one of these inescapable realities. The complexity of provincial and federal commodity tax legislation, including GST, HST and QST, affects all types of businesses, including not-for-profit organisations. The failure to properly adhere to commodity tax laws can have costly and detrimental consequences, affecting both businesses and their owners. PSB Boisjoli’s commodity tax experts possess extensive knowledge of the laws. We are fully equipped to assist businesses in meeting their obligations in this area, both through prevention and by accompanying them through the cumbersome administrative processes caused by audits carried out by tax authorities. Whether by providing expert advice, support in dealing with provincial and federal tax authorities or assistance with preparing a notice of objection, our experts are entirely committed to defending our clients’ best interests.

Our Corporate Business Group can also take over, in part or completely, payroll services for your business, including pay deductions, tax remittances, preparation of tax slips or government reports, integration of taxable benefits or confidential pay management (including pay for expatriates). We conduct payroll services that adhere to current regulations and standards and always within the prescribed timeline.


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