U.S. and International Taxation

As your business expands and begins to operate in different jurisdictions, the need for appropriate tax structures becomes evident. With different tax rules in every jurisdiction, having a reliable advisor who understands the nuances, can propose optimal structures and can assist you with compliance, is of utmost importance. At PSB Boisjoli, we can help you with just that. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of U.S. and international taxation. We can help you make informed decisions for maximum success with minimal risk. We can also assist U.S. citizens living in Canada in filing a US tax return (1040) or report a financial interest or signature authority over foreign accounts (FBAR) to the Department of Treasury. Whether your business is operating outside Canada, or you are a Canadian living and investing in the U.S., or perhaps your U.S. business has you living in Canada, PSB Boisjoli is your ally for U.S. and international tax compliance.


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