January 23, 2020


Arielle Carrier joined PSB Boisjoli during the first year of her bachelor’s degree. She started in our Audit and Assurance division, where she expected to complete the two-year internship leading to her CPA designation. However, early on, her natural curiosity, her ongoing willingness to meet certain challenges, as well as her desire to specialize in another area led her to an internal transfer to another division.

It quickly became obvious to the firm that her work style and analytical mind could benefit our Business Advisory division. Likewise, Arielle was looking forward to a variety of challenges, including the opportunity to explore financial and accounting environments through unique cases that would stimulate her aptitude for seeking, finding and proposing the best solutions.

“My desire to specialize as well as my performance was recognized and I was made aware that I could be an asset for the Business Advisory division, which was very motivating. Remaining in the same firm also made things easier because one doesn’t have to start from scratch. Discussions were had behind the scenes and management was already aware of my approach to challenges and solving problems”, confirms Arielle.

Her transition went smoothly and took only two months.

“They really listened to my career objectives; I wanted to evolve within the firm, which was also what my superiors and management sought to encourage”, continues Arielle.

This support was truly helpful, because such a transition is not necessarily easy. The firm’s flexibility and adaptability ensured that the transition would be as quick and seamless as possible. “The fact that people understood my situation and communicated easily also helped to make the process uncomplicated”, points out Arielle.

Enjoying research and constantly staying abreast of efficient and often novel solutions, Arielle immediately felt comfortable within a division where these attributes are valued. In only a few months, she was exposed to new challenges whereby unique and stimulating matters required her to further develop her ability to demonstrate professional judgment and critical thinking, especially as this often includes face-to-face meetings with clients.   As practical experience sets in, her skills in these areas will only become more refined.

Emphasis is placed on teamwork and a high level of professional competency in our Business Advisory division. At PSB Boisjoli, this division offers a variety of services, including business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, assistance with financial litigation, forensic accounting and financing.

Unique opportunities for professional development

Much more than a regular accounting and financial services firm, PSB Boisjoli provides an environment and conditions that actively and directly promote each individual’s career development. Work-life balance is valued just as much as supporting professional development. We provide the coaching and tools that will help you fully live your passion.

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