March 11, 2020


On March 10, 2020, the Quebec Minister of Finance, Eric Girard tabled Budget 2020-2021. This Budget seeks to achieve the following goals: to build a green economy, to increase Quebecers’ wealth, and to improve services and meet the needs of Quebecers.

To help achieve this statement, this Budget proposes:

  • To make Quebec an environmental leader by doubling its investment to fight climate change;
  • To invest $1.5 billion in education over the next five years;
  • To improve business productivity and competitiveness;
  • To invest in the youth protection and senior care systems, and;
  • To increase spending on health care;

In addition, Budget 2020-2021 announced new measures to continue to foster the Tax Fairness Action Plan. Some of the measures announced include the following;

  • Strengthening corporate transparency;
  • Fighting tax evasion and tax avoidance, and;
  • Combatting fraud against the government;

PSB BOISJOLI presents the highlights of the tax measures contained in the 2020 Québec Budget.

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