May 07, 2020

Avoiding fraud and identity theft in times of crisis

It’s said that a crisis brings out the best in people and, in most cases, that’s true. But there is a dark side to tough times, as fraudsters prey on people who are uncertain and looking for easy answers.

Some fraudsters are using COVID-19 as a cover to launch new underhanded schemes to separate Canadians from much-needed funds.

We have been made aware of fraudsters calling unsuspected business people and stating that they are Canada Revenue Agency agents auditing the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy claim.

We remind you that fraudsters are always coming up with new ways to obtain your personal information.  Please screen calls that you receive from unknown numbers.

Whether it’s a call from a fraudulent telemarketer, a questionable text message or an automated response asking for your information, avoid taking the bait and being lured into sharing your personal information with anyone except your trusted contacts.


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