April 15, 2024

Erroneous Trust Assessments by the CRA

The CRA has been erroneously assessing a $100 penalty for trusts that were filed on time. These penalty assessments seem to apply to trusts that were filed on April 1st or April 2nd. As a reminder, the 90 day filing period for trusts ended on the weekend, and the first business day was April 2nd making the filing due date April 2nd.

The CRA response is as follows: Certain trusts have been assessed a penalty for the late filing of T3SCH15 Beneficial Ownership Information of a Trust even though the schedule was filed on time with the T3 Return. A notification on Canada.ca will be posted and a message is expected to be issued early next week to all registered E-filers that are involved in the submission of T3 tax returns. The CRA will be correcting the assessments and there is no need for a payment or reassessment request to be submitted in respect of these penalties when the information was filed on time. Our contact center agents have been provided with appropriate messaging to respond to calls associated with this issue.



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