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As our firm continues to expand within all its service lines, we seek talented professionals to complement our existing teams. Working outside of the downtown core, you can enjoy our beautiful offices with the abundance of stress-free, accessible parking that the firm offers. We are a fully bilingual firm, offering competitive compensation and benefits package that compete with other firms. Although we continue to expand, we take pride in maintaining our family-like environment and personalised approach.


We are thrilled to announce that for the sixth consecutive year our firm has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 (SME) of 2024.



From the firm’s early beginnings, PSB BOISJOLI’s management team has always known that to acquire a roster of faithful professionals, they must provide benefits that far exceed those offered by other companies.

To succeed professionally, staff must feel appreciated and recognized. They need encouragement to inspire them through to the next step. The workplace must promote concentration while simultaneously encouraging teamwork. With every detail, we can transform “going to the office” into an opportunity for employees to set themselves apart and make a difference, both at the personal and professional level. To make a mark in this world, you need an inspiring environment. Knowing this, at PSB BOISJOLI, we offer the following benefits to our employees:

  • Competitive Salaries

    It’s no secret that the only way to retain our employees is to provide respectful compensation that accurately reflects their level of training and experience. With us, you don’t need to worry about preparing your negotiation process; if you belong amongst the best, you can expect no less than the very best salary.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

    This covers all medical, dental, and vision care, and much more.

  • Parking and Shuttle Service

    If you come to the office by car, we’ll have a free parking space waiting for you. If instead you choose to use public transit, you can take advantage of our morning and evening shuttle service that will transport you from Métro de la Savane to the office, and back. What’s more, we’ll reimburse a portion of your transit pass cost. You’re not likely to find anything better than this!

  • Reimbursement of mobile phone costs

    We reimburse cellphone costs, an offer reserved exclusively for our management and higher level professionals.

  • Work-Family Balance

    The secret to life is balance. With flexible hours, condensed weeks, and telecommuting, we want you to strike the perfect balance between investing in your work and enjoying quality time with your family. You’ll be able to benefit from personal days, summer hours, and staff appreciation day. And unlike other firms, we operate on a 37.5 hour weekly schedule, as opposed to 40 hours.

  • Wellness Promotion

    Here we offer you the ideal opportunity to get back into shape! Up to a maximum of $1000 per year, we reimburse a number of health-based and wellness activities, athletic and wellness-related memberships, weight loss support, tobacco cessation programs, and more. Is this exactly what you needed to hear to inspire you to jump right in?

  • Team Building and Giving Back to Our Community

    We organize exciting firm-wide activities like our Annual Volunteer Day, our annual out-of-office Fun Day (an extra special occasion to celebrate the strength of our team and how much fun we have together), quarterly 5 à 7’s, holiday gatherings, and numerous other activities throughout the year. On top of this, the Taxation Division offers a wide range of initiatives to improve the quality of life at the office, particular during tax season. Some of our most popular perks include free massages, evening meals, and staff appreciation day, a day when employees can rest after an intense period of work.

  • An exceptional working environment

    Fully equipped, our cutting-edge offices offer sleek, urban furniture, a welcoming, down-to-earth atmosphere, brilliantly designed meeting spaces, outdoor patios with stunning views, and a collection of board and video games for relaxing. You’ll find everything you need to make yourself at home.

  • Reimbursement of professional memberships and training

    It’s our way of encouraging you to pursue training and professional development. We also offer an ongoing training program.

Slice of life


If you think diligence, motivation, and an entrepreneurial spirit can’t co-exist with morning exercise, a solid relationship and a good cup of coffee, think again! Each of these elements make up an essential part of a day in the life of Kristina Ashqar, Audit and Assurance Partner, and one of PSB Boisjoli’s most well-known professionals. Check out this video and discover this pro who has brilliantly mastered the art of work-life balance.

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Slice of life


With a degree in accounting from Concordia University, this year, she will study to become a (US) CPA, CA. In addition to being a single mother to little Alex, she is currently balancing her studies with her professional obligations as a US Tax Analyst. Yet, everything goes smoothly. Enticed by the quality of the work environment, ease of relationships between her coworkers as well as the professional fulfilment that PSB Boisjoli has to offer, Anastasia did not hesitate to leave a “Big Four” to join the firm. A journey to discover!

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